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International conference “Digital Agenda for Statistics: Timeliness, Quality and Openness”

The international conference “Digital Agenda for Statistics: Timeliness, Quality and Openness” took place on November 14-15th, 2019 in Moscow. More than 350 representatives from 16 countries discussed challenges that make an impact on development of statistics.
“The conference program demonstrates how statistics changes and what it would become tomorrow. The main challenge of modern society is digitalization. However, there is a question: what is more important in statistics – timeliness or quality? The only solution is to use IT as well as provide effective alternative data management” - highlighted in his welcome address Mr. Pavel Malkov, Head of Rosstat.
Today Rosstat is designing a Digital Analytical Platform focused mainly on big data management. The platform will allow to establish a digital network for all government authorities related to statistics and comprehensive methodology, providing an easy access to statistical data for different groups of users.
Mr. Malkov is sure that “only by applying modern technologies it is possible both to reduce burden on business and increase demand on quality and timeliness of statistics.”
According to the Deputy Minister for Economic Development of the Russian Federation, Mr. Savva Shipov, after digitalizing statistical reporting it is essential to apply streaming data and big data management. “The main challenge for statistics in respect of competition between old and modern figures is to keep up with the times” – Mr. Shipov summed up.
In her report, the Director of the United Nations Economic Commission for Europe (UNECE) Statistical Division, Ms. Lidia Bratanova, highlighted most effective international practices of applying digitalization in statistics, based on experience of large companies as well as public offices.

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