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Visit to Statistics Denmark

During the working visit to Statistics Denmark Rosstat delegation discussed with Danish colleagues the issues of electronic data collection, registers and other administrative sources for calculating statistical indicators.

The visit to Copenhagen started on November 25th 2019. Rosstat delegation headed by Mr. Pavel Malkov and colleagues from relevant statistical organizations were hosted by Mr. Jørgen Elmeskov, Director General of the Statistics Denmark.

During the visit Rosstat delegation studied algorithms for data collection and dissemination applied by Statistics Denmark, as well as metadata and GSBPM (Generic Statistical Business Process Model).

“In 2024 Rosstat Development Strategy special attention is paid to implementation of new methods and digital means for work with statistical data,” said Mr. Pavel Malkov. “We are happy to have an opportunity to learn from one of the most effective European statistical agencies. Besides, Statistics Denmark has great experience in working with administrative sources, big data and electronic reporting.”

According to the head of Rosstat, experience gained from Danish colleagues will help to increase timeliness and quality of statistics and reduce burden on respondents.
Mr. Malkov pointed out that future bilateral cooperation might also be organized in the framework of International Resource Center established by Rosstat. The IRC is supposed to accumulate and disseminate information on new statistical methodologies and best practices as well as provide international consulting services.

The two statistical authorities have been collaborating for decades. However, since 2016 the cooperation started to intensify. In particular, Statistics Denmark has become the leader of a consortium of six leading European statistical agencies working together with the World Bank in a project (RAS) aimed to strengthen Rosstat statistical capacity.

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