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2020 – 2023 Rosstat Public Council has been convened

The newly convened Public Council of Rosstat starts its work in July 2020. It is comprised of 21 representatives of scientific and educational communities, business, media, and public associations.

The Public Council performs functions of public control over Rosstat activities. Projects in the field of lawmaking, methodology and socially significant initiatives are submitted for its consideration.

More than 100 issues have been studied since its establishment. Development and introduction of the "Professional Statistician" standard, establishment of the Statistician Day were implemented with the direct participation and support of its members.

Commenting the event, Mr. Pavel Malkov, the Head of Rosstat said: “Today, Rosstat is facing new challenges. Tasked to improve the quality of statistics and its availability, we are introducing digital transformation tools, developing new methods. Professionalism and experience of the Public Council members will help to choose the best ways to achieve the stated goals. As Public Council members represent various domains, it will allow us to control the compliance of our work with the audience needs.”

The first session of the new Public Council will be held in July. Its participants will select a Chairman and outline priority areas for the next three years.


Public Council of Rosstat for 2020-2023

  1. Mr. Kirill Androsov, Chairman of the Board of Directors, Altera Capital
  2. Mr. Alexander Afonichev, Deputy Chairman of the St. Petersburg and Leningrad Regional Organization of the Public Association “Russian Sports and Fitness Society Dynamo”
  3. Mr. Dmitry Zhuravlev, General Director of the Institute of Regional Problems
  4. Ms. Olga Zolotareva, Associate Professor, Department of Statistics, Plekhanov Russian University of Economics
  5. Ms. Ekaterina Zuga, Associate Professor, Department of Statistics, Accounting and Audit, St. Petersburg State University
  6. Mr. Alexander Isakov, Chief economist for Russia, VTB Capital JSC
  7. Mr. Denis Kiris, Chairman of the Interregional Independent Professional Union of Theater and Film Actors
  8. Mr. Andrey Klepach, Chief economist of VEB.RF
  9. Mr. Viktor Klimov, Financial Commissioner for the Rights of Consumers of Financial Services in the Field of Insurance
  10. Mr. Alexander Korbut, Vice President of the Russian Grain Union
  11. Ms. Daria Martynova, Deputy Head of the Center for Expertise and Analysis of Entrepreneurship Problems of the Russian Public Organization of Small and Medium-sized Enterprises “Support of Russia”
  12. Mr. Alexander Maslennikov, General Director of Accelerator Mendeleev LLC and Region Capital Partners LLC
  13. Mr. Mikhail Nikolsky, Head of Department for the Development of the Closed-loop Economy, PLC Russian Environmental Operator
  14. Mr. Vladislav Onishchenko, First Deputy Head of the Analytical Center under the Government of the Russian Federation
  15. Mr. Alexey Ponomarenko, Chairman of the Board of the Russian Association of Statisticians, Director of the International Institute for Professional Statistical Education, HSE; Professor, Department of Statistics and Data Analysis, HSE Department of Economic Sciences
  16. Ms. Natalia Sadovnikova, Head of the Department of Statistics, Plekhanov Russian University of Economics
  17. Mr. Alexander Surinov, Director of the HSE International Institute for Professional Statistical Education, HSE Statistical Research Director
  18. Ms. Elena Tishchenko, Advisor on Digital Economics, Dean of Economics Faculty, Lomonosov Moscow State University
  19. Mr. Vladislav Fronin, Editor-in-Chief, Federal Government Budgetary Institution “Russian Newspaper”
  20. Mr. Ilya Chukalin, CEO of the Presidential Grants Fund
  21. Ms. Maria Shklyaruk, Director General of the Center for Advanced Management Solutions

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