The Russian state statistics and the challenges of the XXI century

International Conference “The Russian State Statistics and the Challenges of the 21 Century”, dedicated to the 200 years of the state statistics service in Russia was held in Rosstat on 23-24 June 2011.

The Prime Minister of the Russian Federation Mr. Vladimir Putin sent to the Conference participants welcoming address.

Plenary meeting and panel sections were held in the framework of the Conference.

At the plenary meeting the floor was taken by Ms. Elvira Nabiullina, Minister of Economic Development of the Russian Federation, Mr. Alexander Surinov, Head of the Federal State Statistics Service, representatives of the federal authorities, scientific community, international and national statistical offices.

The following panel sections were organized during the conference:

- "Development of the National Accounts in Russia: Methodology and Practice". Main topics: history of national accounts development and progress; development of the national accounts regional indicators; forming of the input-output tables; finalizing of the transition to the development of a full set of accounts and tables recommended by international standards; transition to the SNA 2008; national accounts data usage enhancement for the purposes of economic analysis and economic policy development by various socio-economic subjects; starting the construction of the balance sheet in accordance with the methodological requirements of the SNA; creation of evaluating methodology in the terms of investments in nonfinancial assets at the federal and regional levels based on the SNA principles etc.

- "Business Statistics".  Main topics: history of business statistics development and progress; development of energy conservation and energy efficiency statistics; environmental statistics, including agro-ecological system of statistical indicators; generating data methodologies on micro-entrepreneurship in the period between conducting censuses; improving the demography of enterprises; development of surveys of business activities of the enterprises of mining, manufacturing, and distribution of electricity, gas and water; improving the methodology on statistics of mutual trade of the Russian Federation with member countries of the Custom Union; improvement of methodologies for statistics on external trade in services; organization of statistical surveys in the field of research and development globalization processes, science and education integration; development of nanotechnologies statistics; methodology of statistical surveys in agriculture, etc.

- "Demographic and social statistics". Main topics: history of development and progress in demographic and social statistics; results of All-Russia population census 2010 and demographical development tendencies of the country; vital and migration statistics; preparation for micro census and the following All-Russia population census; methodology of cost-of-living index; improvement of poverty and living standards statistics; development of statistical indicators system for estimation of population social protection and methodological principals adaptation; development of social survey system on sociodemographic problems; disability statistics development on the sample survey basis; development of tourism statistics, including methodology of tourism satellite accounts, development of household random coverage on the 2010 All-Russia population census basis for performing monthly population surveys on employment problems at territories of the Russian Federation for the period 2012-2015; implementation of additional periodic survey on the employment problems of research separate segments of the labour market; implementation to the statistics practice computations of occupied population compensation according to the OECD recommendations; statistical survey of interregional labour force migration; development of inclusive education statistics, etc.

-"Development and usage of informational technologies in statistics". Main topics: questions of informatization establishment and development history of information technologies in statistics; information-communication technologies for key activity spheres development; accessibility of statistics; information-communication technologies for Information-oriented society development strategy in the Russian Federation and etc.

Specialists of scientific and educational institutions, statisticians and representatives of national and international statistical offices took part in the Conference.

Conference program

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